Co-create Your Dream Dress with Karin Rom
In addition to our Couture Collections, Karin Rom specializes in Bespoke wedding dresses. Karin Rom leads the design process of helping you co-create your own unique bridal gown, completely from scratch.

For who is co-creating a wedding dress?
Co-creating your dress from scratch is great for Brides who...
..have their dream dress in mind and can’t find it anywhere.
..want a truly one of a kind wedding dress. And not a design that already exists. different elements (from several designs) and would love to combine these to a unique wedding dress

What does the co-creating process look like?

Like we always tell our brides on the first appointment, you are not buying a wedding dress on a daily basis. Most of you are stepping into a new world, so we don't expect you to guess or imagine. We are here to understand, help and guide you. Important to know, is that we are co-creating dresses from scratch. But of course in the brand spirit.

To co-create your unique wedding dress is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. After you booked your appointment, you receive an email with the request to share your mood board (if you like) based on your style and taste. Tell us what you like or what is important for you so we can learn about your personal style, ahead of the meeting.

First we will have a conversation about your big day and of course what you are looking for. If you prepared a moodboard, we will go through it. Then we will let you try our exclusive line of dresses to understand your style and body shape. In this way you can also experience different fabrics and colors. When we understand the direction of the dress better, we start freestyling by cutting sample fabrics and start to build it on you. Together we will go through all the details that best expresses your preferences, personality and vision for the wedding. This leads to a sketch of the design with all the details we discussed. From the length of the trail to the thickness of the strap. So everything will be clear.

Once you say yes to your unique design, we will send you an email with the sketch, a summary of our appointment and the planning.

Each Bride is unique. As well as her wedding dress. This means that every Bride has her own planning. Generally speaking there are between 3 to 5 appointments in total.

As you can probably understand there is a price difference between the requests. The price depends on the fabrics, the silhouette and the required craftsmanship. The price of a co-created wedding dress starts from €2.400. Most of the co-created wedding dresses cost between €2.500 and €5.500.

Creating a custom-made bridal dress is a special gift for yourself, which perfectly honors your wedding celebration. 


I had the most amazing experience working with Karin and Elena on my wedding dress. They were so incredibly kind, helpful, and I immediately felt comfortable and at home when we made my dress. Not only was my dress exactly the way I wanted it to look, but it was a fun process and I loved stopping by the studio! Such an amazing experience!

- Gabriella Gricius
I would definitely recommend Karin Rom to any future bride that wants a custom-made wedding dress based on her own taste and style. She is very pleasant to work with and she is always willing to discuss all your considerations and thoughts. In the beginning I showed Karin a sketch I've made of the dress I imagined and a few reference pictures. After four fittings she managed to turn my sketch into a beautiful dress made of luxurious fabrics and exquisite craftmanship!

-Maria Kelepera
When Style meets excellent service! Your uniqueness over other places I visited was your personality, the accompaniment, patience (and with me you needed a lot!) the smile at any time, and of course the dresses that speak for themselves. Highly recommend! ALL 5 STARS

- Suzy Assayag